Pass it forward: giving prosthetics a second life

Penta repurposes used prostheses to bring high quality, low cost prosthetic devices to amputees in Vietnam. 

Our Vision 

Penta was founded in 2015 to bring high quality, low cost prosthetic care to people with disabilities in Vietnam by repurposing used equipments in the United States.

According to the World Health Organization, there are more than 4 million people with disabilities in Vietnam due to traffic accidents and the legacies of war. More than 95 percent of these people lack prosthetic care due to the restrictive medical costs.

Every year, thousands of used prosthetic equipments are replaced in the U.S. and cannot be resold in the country due to liability and regulatory issues.

At Penta, we believe that these two problems can turn into one innovative and life-changing solution. 

We partner with clinics and organizations in the United States that share our mission to empower amputees, in order to collect used prosthetic devices. Penta works with partners to sort out excess inventory, divert medical waste, and raise awareness in the amputee community.